A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Holiday

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A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Holiday

Normally, I enjoy cooking alone in my kitchen. However, during the holiday season, I like to spend all of my free time with family members and friends. Do you want to avoid being stuck in the kitchen for hours preparing food this Christmas? Consider visiting a local restaurant this year. You and your loved ones can eat a delicious feast while you reminisce about past holidays. Depending on your personal preferences, you might wish to go to a restaurant that specializes in Chinese, Mexican, or American cuisine. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of dining at a restaurant on a special holiday. Enjoy!



Increase Restaurant Revenue With A Well-Planned Lunch Buffet

Offering customers a lunch buffet at your restaurant is a great way to increase sales, but what you have on your buffet can mean the difference between success and failure. Here are three things to consider when deciding what to offer.

Determine Who Your Customer Base Is

Before you can decide what to serve on your buffet, you first have to decide who will be eating it. Women have lower caloric needs than men do. The average women requires 2,000 calories per day whereas men need 2,500. The notion that men typically eat more than women is nothing new, but which foods they obtain their calories from. Scientific research shows women tend to eat more fruits and vegetables, especially tomatoes, carrots, berries, and apples while men eat more meat, poultry, and shellfish. Women were also more likely to eat yogurt and eggs.

What businesses and industries are located near your restaurant? If it is primarily offices, you can safely expect a mixed gender customer base at lunchtime. However, it the area is more industrial with blue collar factory workers, you will probably have more men show up for lunch. If you are in a residential neighborhood, your client base will more likely be women who have the time to get together and go out for lunch. While women would be mostly happy with your "Quiche du Jour," it would probably be a hard sell to the average man.

Determine Which Items You Can Make A Profit On You are in business to make money, so the choices you offer need to be filling yet cost-effective. Pasta dishes are popular with both men and women, and when paired with a simple salad bar offer a complete meal. Casseroles are also a good way to stretch a dollar and are popular with men. Casseroles and soups are ideal if you frequently have leftovers from your evening dinner service. For example, if you have a baked chicken special on Sunday, the remaining cooked off chicken can be easily turned into a hotel pan of chicken and dumplings or chicken and rice soup for Monday's lunch buffet.

Strategically Plan Your Buffet Layout

When you set up your buffet, place the least expensive and most filling items at the start of the buffet line. Use smaller plates and cups for soup rather than bowls. This way, by the time they have reached the more expensive offerings, there won't be much room left on their plate.  

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