A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Holiday

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A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Holiday

Normally, I enjoy cooking alone in my kitchen. However, during the holiday season, I like to spend all of my free time with family members and friends. Do you want to avoid being stuck in the kitchen for hours preparing food this Christmas? Consider visiting a local restaurant this year. You and your loved ones can eat a delicious feast while you reminisce about past holidays. Depending on your personal preferences, you might wish to go to a restaurant that specializes in Chinese, Mexican, or American cuisine. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of dining at a restaurant on a special holiday. Enjoy!


On A Keto Diet And Going To A Cuban Restaurant? Types Of Food You Can Eat

If you are on a keto diet, you need to be careful what you eat. This is especially true when going to restaurants, as it can be difficult to make the right choices. If you are planning to go to a Cuban restaurant, you will find many foods that you can eat, three of which are listed below.


Chicken in itself is great for someone on a keto diet. You can order chicken that is dressed up, however. While at a Cuban restaurant, you will likely find garlic chicken. The garlic is mixed with a special type of orange juice for the garlic sauce. This dish also has onions with a tiny bit of sugar mixed with the onions. These onions are often served on the side. You could add a few pieces to your garlic but not a lot. 

You will also likely find a dish that has chicken with a green chili sauce. Green chilies can come hot or mild, so make sure you ask the waiter what type of green chilies are used in the dishes. The green chilies are mixed with cream cheese, which is great for a low keto diet. 


There are also beef recipes that will work well for you. There is corned beef that is mixed with cabbage that you may find at Cuban restaurants. Prime rib roast is often available. This generally has a type of seasoning to flavor the prime rib, which may be garlic mixed with a little butter, cumin, and other spices. 

Philly cheese steak is also often found in Cuban restaurants. The main difference is that the ingredients are served on something other than bread. This may be a bed of brown rice or may be plain. You still get all the flavors of a cheese steak, but this option great for a keto diet because no bread is used. This also goes for any type of sandwich found at Cuban restaurants. If you cannot find a sandwich that comes without bread, order your dish and tell the water that you do not want any type of bread.

You may not find all these recipes at all Cuban restaurants that you go to. To determine what you would like best, you can go to the restaurant and ask for a take home menu to look over. You can also often find a menu on the Cuban restaurant's website.