A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Holiday

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A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Holiday

Normally, I enjoy cooking alone in my kitchen. However, during the holiday season, I like to spend all of my free time with family members and friends. Do you want to avoid being stuck in the kitchen for hours preparing food this Christmas? Consider visiting a local restaurant this year. You and your loved ones can eat a delicious feast while you reminisce about past holidays. Depending on your personal preferences, you might wish to go to a restaurant that specializes in Chinese, Mexican, or American cuisine. On this blog, I hope you will discover the amazing advantages of dining at a restaurant on a special holiday. Enjoy!



Opening A Diner? How To Keep Your Milkshake Machine Clean And Sanitary

If you're about to open a diner, and you're going to install milkshake machines, you'll need to train your crew on proper operating procedures. It might be surprising to know that milkshake machines can cause the spread of food-borne illnesses, especially if they're not handled properly. Here are four simple steps you and your crew can take to avoid food-borne illnesses when running the new milkshake machine. Enforce the Hand Washing Rules Read More 

3 Things You Need To Realize When You Order Pizza

If you are ordering pizza, you need to realize how the delivery process really works. This will help you correctly tip your driver and treat them well. #1 Your Delivery Fee Is Meant To Cover Vehicle Costs Many people wrongly assume that the couple-dollar delivery fee that they pay goes directly to their delivery driver and that they then don't need to tip their delivery driver. However, the delivery fee is not a substitute for a tip. Read More 

Moving To A New Home? Two Tips To Help You Find The Right Chinese Restaurant

When you're moving to a new home, there are a few things that you need to do.  You must find the grocery store, dry cleaners, and shopping mall that you'll get most of your supplies from.  However, it's also important to find your go-to Chinese food restaurant.  Finding the spot where you'll fulfill your hankering for some delicious shrimp fried rice is vital, and you know that it's a task that must be handled right away. Read More 

A Few Facts About Pizza Delivery

So you got home after a hard day at work, and the idea of preparing a meal for the family makes you groan. Luckily there are a few pizza places in town that offer delivery service. After talking with everyone to find out what type and how many pies you need to order, you place the call and wait. When the delivery person shows up, you pull out your cash or card and pay for the meal. Read More 

Love At First Slice: Pizza Toppings To Try Before Passing Judgement

If you are like a good portion of pizza lovers, pizza night at your house means you call in an order to the local pizza place for a few of your usual pies–loaded down with things like ham and pineapple, an array of meats, a smorgasbord of veggies, or just plain cheese. If you make your way to some specialty pizza restaurants or even an Italian restaurant with pizza on the menu, you might be a little surprised at just how many seemingly odd things you can have put on your pizza pie. Read More